Santom Nostalgia -2020

In 2019, as part of the St. Thomas day, after the ‘Perunnal’ Mass celebration, and procession, we hosted a Carnival night, “SANTOM FEST.” It was an action-packed event, lined up with scrumptious food, live music, entertainment programs etc and we had a large gathering of around 700 people. The highlight of this event was the “Tug of War” competition which had 8 professional teams competing for a prize of $ 1500 and the ever-rolling trophy, “SANTOM CUP.”

It is only fitting that we named this festival and the ever-rolling trophy in the name of our patron Saint of India ‘SAN’(Saint), ‘TOM’(Thomas), who founded Christianity in our country and the very reason for all of us to be a part of this community.

This year, we were planning to take this celebration to even greater heights and were expecting a crowd of more than 1000 people but due to the unexpected pandemic outbreak and the restrictions, we had to cancel all of our large events, including SANTOM.

So to cherish our memories from last year and to keep our spirit high during this unprecedented time, the organizing team came up with a virtual celebration called, ”Santom Nostalgia” with the participation of more than 80 awesome volunteers. This was accompanied by “MANNA,” a delicious dinner delivered to the homes of our parish members. A huge thanks to all those who have worked hard behind organizing this and all those who have supported these humble initiatives!

#SantomFest #SantomCup

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